Romantic Beach Sunrise – Topsail Island

I have more things in my mind to blog about then I could possibly get to but one that I absolutely couldn’t let pass me by was this beach sunrise session! Kevin and Mikaela are absolutely amazing! They trusted me to get up and ready for a 5:45am start time and didn’t even hesitate when I told them to lay down in the water fully clothed. And the results are stunning!

I pushed myself to shoot this entire session on film. If you’ve been following along you know that I’m in LOVE with film and so excited to bring this art form into my photograph. But even with how much a know I will love the results it’s still intimidating to set down the comfortable view-finder-immediate-gratification tool and pick up a tool with no feedback and no guarantees of success until I get those scans back two weeks later. But now, looking at these beautiful scans of Fuji400H and Portra160 shot on a little Elan II with a $40 50mm lens… my art has come to life! Stripping away the fancy gear, the gadgets and gizmos, and just taking a simple tool to the beach with a super in love couple gave me so much creative joy and inspiration. So scroll away and see the magic of love, film, salt and sand!

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