A Room Full of Joy

Life is about more than the happiest days of your life. And sometimes, unexpectedly, the hardest days of your life may also contain the most joy. I have had the privilege of being invited into some of those days. From there is birthing a passion in me to capture more, document more of people finding joy in the midst of hard circumstances. Today I want to share one of these stories with you.

Judah Christopher was born with a heart defect and Down’s Syndrome and started out his life with several months in the NICU fighting his way until he’s old enough for open heart surgery. I knew his parents in college so I got to watch his story unfold. Spending months in the hospital is not the way anyone wants to start the journey of parenthood. Judah faced many additional challenges keeping him in the hospital longer so I decided to show up and capture their family moments right where they were happening.

Joel and Amy faced all of these challenges head-on with the grace and resilience of two parents in love with their baby boy. From the get-go I was surrounded by laughter and the typical scramble of new parents trying to bath a slippery baby – all you parents out there know what I’m talking about! Judah turned on the charm and started posing for me right away and throwing his momma some pretty adoring looks. I walked out of that hospital room an hour later feeling like I had caught some of the contagious joy that filled the room. Joel and Amy chose to fill their challenging entry into the world of parenthood with joy, love and gratefulness for their precious son. I’m just grateful that this photography thing that I do can bring me into these beautiful places of joy.

If you know someone with a child in the hospital long-term or another challenging family situation who would like a gift of documenting their story and joy in the midst of challenges, shoot me an email or Facebook message! I’d love to have the opportunity to tell their stories and capture life where it happens.

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